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Asha Infotech is software development firm that builds customized software products and services. Our major thrust is on web development and mobile platform.

Asha Infotech has a broad base of customer ranging from various domains like business, medical, education, real estate and many more.

Providing customer a great value product and support services are our main principles.


We commingle your wisdom and experience with our web development and marketing proficiency to build the ideal web site for your business.

With elegant and robust web application that helps our customer to stand apart from their competitors.

Our portfolio comprises of everything you need for your website, such as e-commerce, database oriented application, content management system and many more.


We encompass expertise in various domains and technologies. We also have systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the design, development, operation, and maintenance of software. In layman's terms, it is the act of using insights to conceive, model and scale a solution to a problem.


Ever since the inception of Microsoft .NET development technology in 2002, intricacy of developing dynamic and web-based applications have been reduced to bare bones. Through .NET it has become easy to access complex O.S functions, build Data Oriented Project(due to support for huge DB functions). And also, it support both Windows and Web Application.


A well accepted choice in today’s web world is using PHP. PHP is an open source, general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to server-side web development Its lucidity in design, well organized modules and better upkeep of various technologies, make it the most popular language in the online industry today. One can estimate its popularity and credibility by the actuality that reputed organization like Harvard University and popular social Networking site Facebook, both are based on PHP.


Java platform has attracted more than 6.5 million software developers; and we are still counting. It is used in every major industry segment and has a presence in a wide range of devices, computers, and networks. The advantage Java technology's versatility, efficiency, platform portability, and security make it the ideal technology for network computing. From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere!

SQL Server, MySQL

It is very difficult to envisage a complex applications which doesn't use an enterprise database. We have worked on different DBMSes - like MySQL and MS SQL. For these databases, we had developed special classes with APIs for common operations (such as page output, inserting and updating records), taking into account the databases' special features and types and optimizing them accordingly.


From the developers’ point of view, Android provides greater flexibility, hassle free application porting, and has helped to increased control over system resources to the great extend. The heart of the operating system is the Linux 2.6 kernel, which is ideal for app development. The astonishing performance and value of including this platform lead it quickly to an industry shaping phenomenon.

What We Do:

We build your business online at lesser cost

One of the most substantial advantage of ecommerce website is the lesser cost. And the interesting fact is that whatever you earned through this saving can be passed to your customers in the form of discounted prices, thereby keeping you ahead of competitors in terms of cost tags war.

This can be accomplished through some of the most popular and cost-effective advertising channels like Social media traffic such as Facebook, Organic search engine traffic, pay-per-click.

Also the automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management and other operational processes can be done with more accuracy and with lightning speed.

Website Design and Development

With a pool of experienced and knowledgeable associates we can develop a solution that will work for you. We develop websites, mobile applications, customized web or desktop based software systems, database driven CMS, online registration and many more.

  • Brand Design

  • Visual Identity

  • Product Design

  • Illustrations

  • Brand Action


We believe in agile approach that enhances the overall development speed, accurate results and reduces potential hurdles in development process. Thus, it helps to deliver the services to our customer on time and thereby increasing customer loyalty. This ensures that we can fulfill our assurance to deliver on time and follow stringent performance benchmarks.

Periodic feedback from the consumer and thorough testing of software at unit and system level ensures a high quality of the product.

  • Performance

  • Productivity

  • Efficiency

Web packages

This offers small and mid sized industries the chance to rapidly build a professional web presence costing less in price and high in quality and value.

It includes full website customization, online marketing assistance and supplementary website features. Some other services provided by us are domain registration, web hosting, search engine optimization, social media marketing, internet marketing.

  • Small & mid sized industries package

  • Merchant / retail package

  • Advanced Merchant / retail package


Let's work together and create something awesome!